Season Ended, Sigh...

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Season Ended, Sigh...

Why must all good things come to an end? Especially healthy facilities should be open forever. Yes, you may have guessed the problem. Pool season is over, sigh, rant, cry, shout and complain. Right?

This year the pool water seemed even warmer than in recent years.

That may be because I was in New York (seeing my brother before he did) for the opening days, and the unseasonably supre-hot weather in June quickly heated the water before my return. And don't think I missed pool days. In a sense I didn't even though I wasn't home the first week or more the pool was open. Luckily I spent most of that visit staying with a friend who has a pool in her building.

This year's pool season was much too short, and each year more and more neighbors are retiring or working less. We want more pool time!

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