"Calm of Death," 52Frames

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"Calm of Death," 52Frames

Even before my brother had passed away, I envisioned using a picture of the cemetery for the 52Frames challenge, "Calm." I imagined myself taking a picture of the cemetery with my phone at the time of his funeral, even though I had no real proof that he'd pass away that week. And I didn't know if I'd manage to send off the photo, even if I had a chance to shoot it.

In my mind was also a competing image, one I imagined photographing from the plane, on my way to my brother's funeral.

And as you see, I did photograph the sky and clouds as we flew over Europe. But I was bothered by the flashes, and I had no way to edit the photo.

Before flying to my brother's funeral, I sent in a very different photo.

Between Takes
There's a calm on the movie set when we're not needed. Yes, I was on a movie set this week, as an "extra." It was a TorahLive.com production.

Finally, I went with my emotions, rather than anything else and chose this one:

"Calm of Death"
I just took this photo at the cemetery after my brother's funeral. Death is a reminder that we have little real control. In the end no matter who or what we were, rich or poor, successful or not. 
There is a certain calm at a funeral, as if we are all under a heavy blanket, a strong embrace.

Location: Long Island, New York
Did I choose right? What do you think?

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