BlackBerry's Plan For 2016

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BlackBerry's Plan For 2016

BlackBerry Inc. formerly known as Research In Motion have been taking new strides in the past months in other to stay relevant in the smartphone industry. For the most parts, the plan is working and BlackBerry is seeing substantial attention from smartphone enthusiasts in various regions. In fact, company share price that had been nose diving for a while have started ascending significantly from 2015 thanks to the handwork of John Chen the company's current CEO. 

With the release of BlackBerry Passport, the last high end BBOS 10 phone for 2015 and the release of BlackBerry Priv, the first Android OS BlackBerry smartphone, the Canadian company were able to turn heads. This year 2016, the company is only going to be making two new android OS BlackBerry smartphone according to information released to CNet by BlackBerry CEO John Chen. One will be a medium end smartphone and the other will be a high end smartphone just like the Priv with exceptional specifications and features. 

Currently, we do not know what the specs of these phones are or what they will look like but we do know that BlackBerry is definitely making moves to at some point completely ditch the BBOS on their devices and stick completely to Android while still retaining the security and designs that made the BlackBerry smartphone a great peice of device. 

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